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Jennifer Stevens 
Founder & CEO


I caught the passion of dentistry in a very different way. After working for a doctor in the late 90's, I quickly realized the lack of connection between patient care, team members and the doctor. 

In 1994, I was introduced to The Pankey Institute and Dr. Richard Green. He and I were curious about the disconnect between dentists not understanding money management vs. tax accounting. I  believe in looking 10,000 ft above (practice overview) in order to better understand WHY and WHAT of how a dental practice is run. 

For many years I had the privilege of being a developer-presenter at The Pankey Institute, other dental academies, study clubs and practice coaching. 


Through my 30 years of dental coaching I have discovered my passion for peeling back the layers of money management and team engagement in dental practices. 

My greatest joy comes from working with dentists and team members who want to excel by being open minded and eager to learn. 


I love learning and getting out of my comfort zone, while gently nudging others to do the same at their pace. 


Greg Stevens 
Vice President 


Greg joined his wife Jennifer at JGMM in 2001. Bringing years of experience in general business and real estate. Greg has a keen eye for identifying and tracking key areas of a dentist's business that may require additional focus or improvement. 

Along with providing administrative and account support, Greg also provides support to clients with financial arrangements and contract administration. He partners with clients to explore various scenarios in successfully navigating their practice or small business through periods of change and transition. He enjoys working on projects surrounding new dental office construction, remodeling and practice financing. 

Greg and Jen are the parents of three boys Nick, Ryan and Drew. In his free time, Greg enjoys spending time outdoors and boating during the summers with his family. Jen & Greg's biggest delight is spending time with their grandson, Campbell. 

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Nick Stevens 
Senior Account Manager


Nick is the son of Jen and Greg Stevens. After working many summers with the family business, he officially joined JGMM in January of 2018. Nick attended the University of South Carolina Beaufort where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History. His experience goes way beyond his official start date. Growing up around JGMM sparked Nick's interest in facilitation and improvement. 

Nick brings a fresh set of ideas, a keen eye for details and his love for crunching numbers. Nick and his wife, Cara along with their baby boy Campbell reside in South Carolina. Working remotely has allowed Nick to find new and innovative ways to simplify and expand JGMM. Nick has developed strong, meaningful and trusting relationships with all of our clients due to his sense of humor and willingness to listen. 

In his spare time, Nick enjoys spending time outdoors, watching sports, spoiling his two dogs and making memories with his son, Campbell. 


Cara Stevens 
Senior Account Manager


Cara joined the Stevens family in the fall of 2018 and then joined JGMM shortly after. Cara graduated from the University of South Carolina Beaufort with a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and Event Management while also playing collegiate softball. Before joining the JGMM team, Cara was in the education field for a little over a year. Where she also coached high school softball.


Cara enjoys working with others to reach a common goal. Cara's degree fuels her drive to create new systems and develop new ideas that will allow JGMM and our clients to flourish as a whole. Cara enjoys working with social media by assisting clients by creating a solid platform that promotes their business accurately and professionally. 

During Cara's free time she enjoys spending time with her family and puppy dogs, calligraphy and working on craft projects. The beach is her happy place. She is also fully embracing spending time and making memories with her son, Campbell


Holly Ballard 
Senior Account Manager

Holly joined JGMM in 2007. She brings a wealth of knowledge in general business practices, especially numbers detail. Prior to joining the JGMM team, Holly worked in finance and loan processing and interacted with a variety of businesses. She has become a key team member with our dental clients and our business family.

Having been raised in New York, Holly moved to northern VA in 1995. We congratulate Holly for moving back to New York to be closer to her family. Holly still assists us remotely and helps us tremendously


Cameron Stevens 
 Account Manager

Cameron is Jen and Greg’s nephew. He joined the JGMM team in the summer of 2021 after his graduation from college. Cameron attended Virginia Tech and graduated in June of 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Cameron spent the summers of his college years tutoring math and had an internship at a Software Development company in 2020.


Cameron uses his background in programming to help develop interactive products offered by JGMM. Cameron also excels at using his math skills to help with business and financial analysis and number crunching.


Cameron enjoys spending his free time outside with his family, fishing and boating, taking his dog for walks, watching sports, and exercising

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