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J & G Money Matters

JG Money Matters is a family based consulting company. We specialize in supporting patient-centered dental practices by pushing the envelope for growth. For the past 30 years, we have made it our priority to be the resource that keeps your practice moving forward, while leaving the dentistry to you. 

Money Management
Practice Development

We work hands on, trying to understand your financial goals and needs. Wherever you are in your financial journey, we are here to have a relationship with you. 

By learning your practice's strengths and values, we are able to cultivate the skills and systems needed in order to create a healthy and successful team. 


Dr. Michael Crete

"Greg and Jen at JGMM have been "partners" with me in my over 35 years of practice. I often thought of them as being part of my "leadership team"....myself as the CEO, Jen as the COO and Greg as the CFO. Regular calls with Greg to review the numbers always kept me on track. The Management Income Statement (MIS) is a tool that helped me keep my practice operating at optimum efficiency and profitability. Jen's coaching for systems and team building helped me to develop what I ultimately referred to as my "A Team"!

Greg's wisdom and expertise with finance and the business of dentistry were instrumental in helping me run a top performing dental practice."


Dr. Michael J. Scherb

"I have worked with Jen and Greg Stevens for almost twenty years, and without even knowing it, came to find out that two of my closest friends at the Pankey Institute, also use their services. They have always been there when I needed them, and provided me with great insight in dealing with the array of financial issues we as dentists encounter on a monthly and annual basis. They have helped me with all of the major obstacles in developing a pre-eminent dental practice. If you want practical knowledge that will serve you, your practice and your team, then I highly recommend them."


Dr. Kevin Muench

"I have known Jen Stevens at J & G Money Matters, Inc. for 10 years. We have worked together in study clubs/workshops. I respect her ability to see the big picture in a dental practice as well as the small stuff that can make all the difference in the world. One particular piece I remember was how she helped a practitioner and team understand the ROI for continuing education. This team in particular was baulking at the time the clinician was spending “away from the office”.

Jen and her team was able to demonstrate the growth of the practice because of the new “learning” that was brought back from the classes. I feel that this level of in-depth analysis and the complexity of the conversation with the team helped them understand where the growth in the practice was/could coming. Ultimately, with Jen’s support, the teams engagement further accelerated the practice growth."


"We began our association with J&G Money Matters in 2007 after two of our dentists attended a Pankey seminar where Jen and Greg were presenters. As administrator of our two office, four dentist practice, I spent countless hours on the phone with Jen setting up payroll and refining the way we used Quickbooks. She was empathetic and understood human resources and dental practice management on deep level. When our practice split, Jen and Greg guided us through a difficult process with positive outcomes for all parties involved. To say that their assistance was invaluable is an understatement. Greg took on the role of construction project manager when we built out our new office, keeping us on track and on budget. Associates have come and gone, and Jen and Greg were there help with the transitions. We navigated complicated pandemic-related issues together; when I needed an answer to my many questions, I called Greg. Recently, Jen did extensive research to aid us in updating our fee and pay structure. The doctors, our office manager and I meet with Greg at least twice a year to assess the financial health of our practice using the Management Income Statement (MIS) and his advice is always on point. When Nick joined J&G, I had the pleasure of working with him to reorganize Dropbox and help us share files more efficiently. 15 years have passed since my first phone conversation with Jen. I can’t imagine our practice without J&G Money Matters as part of our team. It’s that simple."

Liz Sterling

Business Manager